Club Rego

Club Rego


NDMA is an authorised club in the SA Club Rego Scheme. Club Rego is a fantastic way to keep your vehicle in cheap registration year round without needing to apply for permits or pay full registration fees. You are able to use the vehicles for 90 days of the year on this scheme.

It is no longer a requirement for the club to inspect your vehicle. It is the owners responsibility to ensure the car is road worthy. Liability sits with the owner should you be pulled over by SAPOL and policy has not been followed.

There is a processing fee of $10 each time a new Log Book is issued (ie. every 3 years). This fee covers the club cost of issuing and updating of Log Book records with DPTI. There is not a fee for the annual re-stamping of log books. It is a condition of the Club Rego Scheme that members must maintain financial membership of their nominated club to retain club registration status.

The nominated club must send annual returns to confirm current membership to DPTI.

Steps for this include:

1- Join NDMA , you can do this online in the membership tag above with Paypal or EFT. Please complete membership form and submit to the club so we have your contact details and can keep you up to date with club days/runs etc. (If joint ownership or rego, membership must be in both families names)

2- Attend Club Rego day or make an appointment with someone authorised. (please remember they are volunteers)

3- Have Rego papers, $10 for processing & log book and photos of car (front, rear, sides, under bonnet & interior). Photos on phone or tablet are okay. The club does not need to keep them, it is just to ensure that the vehicle is worthy of being a club membership car. (ie:- not an old rust bucket that puts a boat in and out of the salt water)

4- Take MR334 provided by authorised personnel to Service SA along with Rego papers & Log book. Costs have generally been approximately $70 for 6 cylinders and $90 for V8’s. This entitles you to 90 days of driving within the 12 months registration period. (Almost every Saturday & Sunday)

5- Ensure you complete your log book in ink (not pencil) every time you take the car out. After midnight is to be a new entry to record.


Vehicles purchased and approved for Club Rego prior to transfer are eligible for Stamp Duty exemption.

Contact one of our authorised personnel BEFORE transferring to your name. You may also be eligible for a discount on your car insurance.

You should check with your insurer, Shannon’s provide a discount to Club Rego vehicle premiums.